Merchant Application

Are you a merchant in SL that sells Home & Garden related items?

Like what you see on the Cookie Jar Blog and want to be a part of it?

Great News! Its free, theres no obligation to rent anything and most importantly, everybody is welcome!

Benefits include

  • Membership to the Cookie Jar in world group with notice sending rights
  • Priority notification of Cookie Jar events (for example hunts)
  • Access to rent a store on the sim (not required)
  • A great support network in SL ask as many building questions as you like

And Much Much more

Simply complete this form and one of the Cookie Jar Staff will get back to you in-world, if your application is successful you will hear from us within a week.

Due to technical issues with the blog’s spam filter, we are no longer accepting applications on-line.. please copy & paste the following information onto a notecard and teleport here –>Cookie Jar Mail Box   drop the notecard in the big red mailbox, thanks

SL Name (not display name)

Store Name

Type of Items Sold
Are you on the Marketplace?
How did you hear about The Cookie Jar?
Are you active in any other Home & Garden Groups?
if so which ones?
Do you have building partners who build with you?
if so what are their names?
SL-URL to your store

*note – Due to high demand there may be a delay in getting you application processed, we do aim to process all applications within  2 weeks, if you have not heard in this time then your application has been unsuccessful, sorry we simply don’t have the time to personally contact everyone who isn’t successful. If you don’t hear from us, please do not be disheartened and feel free to re-apply in the future, we have strict guidelines as to whom we approve and who we don’t. Protecting the genuine creators of SL is our main concern!*

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