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Free Gift from εïз Butterflies™ εïз @ the Designer Spotlight

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Free Gift from εïз Butterflies™ εïз @ the Designer Spotlight

Woop woop, it has been a while, but THE DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT IS BACK!!!!!

We Welcome εïз Butterflies™ εïз for this round of the spotlight, for your free gift & to check out what treats there are to be snapped up, click here


Introducing ~ Cookie Jar Community Designer Spotlight!

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The Cookie Jar Community Staff couldn’t be more pleased than to showcase the creative talents of our fellow builders.   Those who devote countless hours to creating what in their minds eye is the perfect addition to our second life bring our wold to life.  It is only fitting that we give them the opportunity to be seen and admired for their contributions to the home and garden industry.  The community of builders extends beyond the edge of the Cookie Jar sims to include the vast reach of the entire grid.  We are one, we are equal, we are proud.  

In the Spotlight September 2nd thru September 16th is Dragonia Decuir owner of Dragon Magick Wares.

Dragonia Decuir has been building in the virtual world since 2007 She gently refers to her passion as a ‘great outlet for ignoring the real world’.  While that same reason might be valid for all of us to dome degree, how we let that release shine is genuinely a taste all our own.  Draonia’s creativity shine in  the fantasy realm  and is evident in a great many of the builds you will find in her store Dragon Magick Wares.

 During her stay in the Designer Spotlight, you will have the opportunity to pick up a few fantastic deals on some very cool creations from Dragon Magick Wares”I have my \



Hidden Retreat for only $10L (shown Left) ,

a fully sculpted Ivy Mabon Wreath for $50L (shown Right



Annnnd a gift for The Cookie Jar group, the Whimsical Cottage. Its only 24 prims and about 15×15 copy & mod.”  Get in the Group!  Get the latest Cookie Jar Community updates from merchants, sales, events and seriously awesome goodies just for being a member.  Like the one pictured below!

When taking a visit over to Dragon Magick Wares, you can expect an eclectic mix of builds to choose from, excellent customer service and quality from the ground up.    “At this time almost all of my builds are copy/no mod. I am going to be making more items that are both copy & mod. If you see a item you like but need it mod or have a special request. I’m more than happy to work with the customer. I offer a demo rezzer at my store so feel free and try a house out before you buy.” states Dragonia when asked what she believes her customers past and future should know.

For fun .. here is a sampling of Dragonia Decuir’s fav builds …

Go on, visit Dragon Magick Wares on Cookie Jar Community Sims and at their main store to see some amazingly fun and creative builds. 

Congratz Dragonia Decuir for being in the Designer Spotlight!!