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We are pleased to announce a new Cookie Jar Hunt
“Holiday Home Hunt!”
A Home & Garden Hunt

This is a hunt for Home & Garden stores only!

Dates – Starts Midnight SLT December 1st- Ends Midnight December 21st

Hunt Theme – Celebrations – Christmas – Holidays – Snow – Winter!


1. Strawberry Box

PrentonChristmas Lounge Set

Hint: Use Store Hint Giver


2. Michigans Shack

Hint: Don’t reverse the car!!!


3. Bumbershoot


Hint: Someone here likes horses!


4. HJM Designs

Kitty with Gift Box 3 prims, C_M

Hint: O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree!


5. Cosmos Boutique

Cosmos Seasonal Star Tree in Iridescent Vase BLUES

Hint: A Spring Flower or two is nice have in the home at Holiday Time …. I just gacha get some!


6. Dreamland Designs

DD Falling Snow Chalkboard Art Window Ad.png

Hint: Gachas make the world go round


7. Aquatica Mesh

CJ Holiday Hunt gift

Hint: my trunk goes up but i’ve leaves no more. what you seek is below me, upon the floor


8. The Artist Shed

TCJ Holiday Home Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

Hint: Someone better close the hatch…snow is getting in!


9. strawberry gashes

strawberry gashes - snowman plates.png

Hint: I like to watch tv


10. Off the Wall


Hint: It’s perfect weather for a sleigh ride together with you.


11. SomeOne Stole My Sign

SomeOne Stole My Sign - Winter Bench

Hint: I think it’s gonna rain 2day


12. Persnickity

Tealight Holiday Centerpiece from Persnickity

Hint: Swinging on the porch


13. Sassy Brats

Everyday is a New Beginning AD

Hint: All that snow I think I could be happy there!


14: Sun Moon Stars

The Cookie Jar XMas Hunt 2019

Hint: “Twinkle Triple Little Stars”




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