The Cookie Jar Anniversary Hunt Hints

Anniversary Logo


The 8th year Anniversary Hunt runs Aug 3nd – 29th

Hunt Theme – Celebrations – Anniversary – Party – !

Hunt items are FREE

You are searching 2 strawberry dough nuts joined to make an 8



1. Strawberry Box

Strawberry Box - Harlow Hunt Gift.png

Hint: Check store hint giver


2. Michigans Shack

Hint: Check store hint giver


3. Bumbershoot

Bumbershoot - 8thAnnivHuntGift

Hint: “Horses love cookies too!”


4. HJM Designs

HJM - Fun at the Beach, 8 prims, C_M

Hint: Have a drink on me…


5. Mirage


Hint: Time to take a nap on this tropical round bed


6. Steaming Ahead

Steaming Ahead - Acorn Jars Vendor

Hint: Just walk right up to the shoes


7. Persnickity

Persnickity Hunt Item

Hint: Don’t get ‘booted’!


8. The Artist Shed

The Cookie Jar 8 Year Anniversary Hunt Gift - The Artist Shed

Hint: It’s my anniversary, I’d better mark the DATE!


9. Off the Wall

Hint: Cancer Sucks


10. SomeOne Stole My Sign


Hint: Lets Take A TimeOut


11. Bearsfoot Beaches

8th Anniv. Bearsfoot Beach

Hint: I need to water the plants!


12. Love Everlasting Home & Garden Store

LE ~ Secret Owl Spot AD

Hint: Soooooome Whhheeeere Underrrrr the Rainbowwwww..




Hint: My closet is not dark or scary


14. Cosmos Boutique

Csomos 'Where's the Birds_'

Hint: ‘Roses, Carnations and Hearts make me all sparkly inside!’


15. Aquatica Mesh

Aquatica Mesh- British Telephone Box Sofa

Hint: What Am I?
I can be found in your house but I’m not a door
I have a plug but I’m not a vacuum cleaner


16. Lunar Seasonal Designs

Lunar - Menu Driven Seedlings Grouping Ad

Hint: Do I dare ride that?


17. The Purple Facade

Hint: Éan points the way


18. Feli’s Framed U!

Feli's Framed U - cookie jar hunt item

Hint: Knock on some old wood!


19. Willowinds

poufe done

Hint: Bluebird’s lunch


20. 8th Anniversary Final Location

Lets Celebrate Hunt Gift.png

Hint: Check hint giver

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