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This truly is “the place to be” for all furniture, landscaping, full-perms creators.

With nearly half a sim set out in a lovely forest setting it is beautiful just to come and walk round.

If you venture a little further you will find PERFECT TEN is located directly within the hustle and bustle of

The Cookie Jar Home & Garden Sim. click to teleport – > PERFECT TEN SHOPPING EVENT

If you wish to participate in the event please TP to the sim and pick up an application form >>> Application Form


Event runs 1st – 15th February


MiChIGaN’s ShAcK!



HJM Designs

be my valentine tulips - pink, 3 prims, transferbe my valentine tulips - red, 3 prims, transferbe my valentine tulips - white, 3 prims, transfervalentine teddy - pink,5 prims, transfervalentine teddy - blue, 5 prims, transfervalentine teddy - red, 5 prims, transfer


SOmeOne StoLe My SigN

ssms -perferct10adoresroomexclusive-marilyn wildrose


Cosmos Boutique

cosmos flowers & plants in round garden planter boutique logo2


Lunar Seasonal Designs

menu driven mardi gras cupcakes on a stand admenu driven mardi gras cookie table admenu driven mardi gras bead tree set admenu driven mardi gras cake with a fleur de lis on a stand admenu driven mardi gras bead garland set admenu driven mardi gras bead feather and fleur de lis wreath ad



.tt. shabby chic arbor bench bento adult mp shabby chic arbor bench bento cuddles mp adangelic gatcha key


L&T Creations

menu driven romance gazebo bento cuddles mp admenu driven romance gazebo bento adult mp admenu driven heart loveseat bento cuddles mp admenu driven heart loveseat bento adult mp ad


Captured Waters






Dreamland Designs

DD XO Candle Frame Shelf Pink Vendor

DD XO Candle Frame Shelf Teal VendorDD XO Candle Frame Shelf Rose vendor







Stores for Rent


We constantly update and refresh the cookie jar sim, this keeps people coming back for more and sometimes means we can offer space to merchants who wish to have a store on the sim.

No matter if you are looking for a small mainstore spot or a satellite store to promote your items we have some fantastic high traffic areas that receive plenty of footfall as people explore our gorgeous sim.

We are the longest standing and best publicized “Home and Garden” themed sim on the grid, with several well established events and sales rooms running from the sim, not to mention our extremely popular hunt center, there is no better place to get noticed!

So if you own a store that sells furniture or home & garden themed items (includes full perm) and you want more exposure for your products and brand then you should consider taking this rare opportunity to rent a plot.


As a welcome to the Cookie Jar as we have just renovated the sim and given her a good old makeover, we have come up with an introductory offer!


No, not store space, but TIME.

The first time you rent a space, however long you rent it for, you will get the same amount of time for FREE!

Rent for 1 week, get 1 week free
Rent for 1 month, get 1 month free.
It’s unlimited too, so if you have the cash rent for a year, GET A YEAR FREE!

One rule, it only applies to your first rental payment.


Spaces Available January 2019

Mall Space 1 –

Mall Space 2 –


Prims, Flexible depending on how many you want.
Price, Flexible depending on how many prims you use.

Rates are really easy, 1L per prim!

For example

70L$ per week for 70 Prims
135L$ per week for 135 Prims
200L$ per week for 200 Prims
400L$ per week for 400 Prims

If you rather have a parcel, this is also possible.


If you are interested, make a notecard with the following:

Name –

Store Name –

LM –

MP link –

Anything else –

Drop it of in the mailbox at: Mail Box Janine and Snow