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Builder's Warehouse - Logo

Your two weeks of full perm builder’s items has arrived at the Cookie Jar: Builder’s Warehouse!

This is the event to come to if you’re a creator or builder in SL.

Items this round range from textures to mesh in the Wintertide theme.

Click here to shop –>> BUILDER’S WAREHOUSE


Round runs from: October 31 – November 13


BW - 17

.: UR :.

BW - 12

BW - 13

BW - 14

BW - 15

WAM! (What aMesh)

BW - 08

BW - 09

BW - 10

BW - 11

Pierre Ceriano

BW - 01

BW - 02

BW - 03

BW - 04

BW - 05

BW - 06

BW - 07

Ro!Act Designs

 Click here to Teleport


If on the other hand you are a full perms item creator and want to join in the fun whilst getting your items in the warehouse then please contact either  nashari hynes or laurie7983 gothly in-world for more information and an application.



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