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We constantly update and refresh the cookie jar sim, this keeps people coming back for more and sometimes means we can offer space to merchants who wish to have a store on the sim.

No matter if you are looking for a small mainstore spot or a satellite store to promote your items we have some fantastic high traffic areas that receive plenty of footfall as people explore our gorgeous sim.

We are the longest standing and best publicized “Home and Garden” themed sim on the grid, with several well established events and sales rooms running from the sim, not to mention our extremely popular hunt center, there is no better place to get noticed!

So if you own a store that sells furniture or home & garden themed items (includes full perm) and you want more exposure for your products and brand then you should consider taking this rare opportunity to rent a plot.

Simply drop your name and a few details about yourself and your store on a notecard to let us know you are interested and come drop that notecard in our mailbox here ->


Note – We have a waiting list for spaces, but due the the nature of SL and how frequently things change we like to refresh the waiting list, some people may have lost interest, some may have left SL, who knows, so if you believe you are already on our waiting list and are still interested please resubmit the notecard to tell us so as above 🙂 thanks


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