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Creator Warehouse Logo

Creator Warehouse
An exclusive full permission event brought to you by

The Cookie Jar House & Garden sim.

To apply as a designer please visit the Creator Warehouse Office — >> Office

The Creator Warehouse is the new sister event to the Cookie Jar’s Designer Warehouse, featuring full permission wares of all kinds instead of home & garden goodies. For two weeks out of the month eight designers will display new creations at a discounted price revolving around a monthly theme.

Designers of full permission mesh, sculpties, textures, scripts, animations & any other builder / creator supplies are welcome to join the Creator Warehouse.

Sales revolve around full permission goods, though if you wish to sell a finished creation alongside your full permission items you may.

Please IM Ravenna Rossini if you have any questions regarding the Creator Warehouse.

First Round of the  Creator Warehouse runs February 15th – 27th

This month’s theme is SPACE OPERA!


(MuSt) Full Perm Space Dome Poster1

(MuSt) Full Perm Space Dome Poster2

Frogstar - Celestial Fields Poster

Frogstar - Space Dome Poster1

Frogstar - Space Dome Poster2

Mesh Upon a Star & Frogstar (Collaboration)

[VT] Deep Space Textures

[VT] SciFi Metal Panels Textures

[VT] Spaceship Sci-fi Walls Textures

Virtual Textures


Seamless Alien Melted Metal Poster

Seamless Alien Organic Wall Set 1 Poster

Seamless Alien Rock Set 1 Poster

Seamless Dying Planet Surface Textures Poster

Seamless Electric Energy Textures Poster

Seamless Magma Textures Poster

Ro!Act Designs

velvet starlight poster

shades of the night poster

reptilian silk poster

pleated silk poster

impacted metallic poster

alien leather poster

endless pearl shades poster

glamorour silver poster

Texture Me True

_ WAM! _ MESH Vintage Space Cartoon Meshes Ad 512

_ WAM! _ TEXTURES Alert Anims Ad 512

_ WAM! _ TEXTURES Warning Anims Ad 512



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