Snowed In Hunt has started!

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Snowed In Hunt Poster Texture

The Cookie Jar’s Snowed In Hunt runs from 1st December until 21st December 2013

Featuring your favourite Home and Garden Stores

Hunt items are FREE.

Click Here for Hunt Hints — >>> HUNT HINTS

 Below are some of the gifts available on the hunt.

Zinnias Navidad Wreath Promo

Zinner Gallery - Christmas Cards Clothesline

[Park Place] Holiday Mornings Chair and Accessories

_Finishing Touches_ Snowed In Hunt Gift


Aileen's Family Rug

_Lok's_ Stone Fireplace [Snowed In Hunt] 512x512

__A&A__ Country Cottage Christmas Magic Stand - AD

[Wood Works] Living Room Campout AD



CJ Holiday Hunt AD - Zoe's Garden

Christmas tree with toys

Christmas star ZAP-In

Christmas Dining Set

Bumbershoot - Snowed In Gift-blog

__A&A__ Magical Red Christmas Tree - Black Friday AD


Believe Bench - Wings of Enchantment

Coniston Iced Chair Set

Frogstar - Holiday Chalkboard Door Poster

HamiltonChristmas Chaise Set - The Strawberry Box

Holiday Playing Dolls Decor Scene

Morning Star Snow Hunt Pic

Pic for Snowed In Hunt from Tichelle Teebrook  H&HRC

-SE- Blue Wintery Mix

-SE- White Wintery Mix - 2

-SE- White Wintery Mix

-SE- Wintery Mix - 1 Prim


Winter Scenery SNOWED IN - PICTURE

Winter Christmas Wall shell
The Red Velvet Bakery Hunt Gift

TCJSIH Blog Picture ~ Bayview Market

Snowed In WInter Rug

Snowed In Hunt_001

snowed in Hunt Aqua Willowind

Trident Rustic Fence II Winter


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