Falling Leaves Hunt Has Started!

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Falling Leaves Hunt Logo

The Cookie Jar’s Falling Leaves Hunt runs from 3rd October until 24th October 2013

Open to ALL Home & Garden Stores!

The Theme of the Hunt is “Your Home and Garden in Autumn”

Hunt items are 1L each.

Click here for hints – HUNT HINTS 

Heres some examples of the wonderful gifts you can find.

~_SR_~  _IO_ Ivy Gazebo

~_SR_~ Autumn Forest Way BoxPIC

Ashby Dining Set - Wings of Enchantment

Bumbershoot - FallingLeavesHunt_2013

CJ Fall Leaf Hunt-Spring Designs

Fall Harvest Time ad


falling leaves hunt gift 2013_PDN's Potpourri

Falling Leaves Hunt Prize ~ Happy Homes

FallingLeavesHuntGift -  Izzy's Attic

Morgan Planter Bench - The Strawberry Box

Natural Bliss Round Decor table Falling Leaves

Potomac Pumpkins

TCJFLH Hunt Prize from Bayview Market

UI Autumn Bench

Zinnias Pedro Harvest Wheelbarrow promo

22769 ~ [bauwerk] Autumn Console (Fallen Leaves Hunt Gift)

[CPS] Autumn Blessings Blocks AD

[CPS] On the Blocks Canvas AD

__A&A__ Autumn Breeze Arbor - Falling Leaves Hunt Gift - AD

_Finishing Touches_ Falling Leaves Wishing Well


Autumn Cleanup AD

Autumn Decoration Bowl

Autumn Hangout Hunt AD


Autumn Outdoor Lounger

Bonfire with Fall leaves

corner cube - autumn

Leaves Patterns Fabrics Textures by Virtual Textures

Rosengarten gift 4 Autumn trees+42flowers=3prims sit

-SE- Autumn Relaxation

SHF Autumn Shelf Ad


Vampires Wines Collection

ZG - Love Frame Picture


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