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For The Love of House & Garden Photo Contest for the blog

We are running a photo contest to go with the the For The Love Of … House & Garden Hunt!

You can win a HUGE PRIZE JACKPOT donated by the store owners that are taking part in the hunt, including Store Credit and special gifts from LOTS of stores! (SCROLL DOWN TO SEE THE PRIZE JACKPOT SO FAR!)

It is real EASY TO ENTER! All you have to do is do the hunt, open the fantastic gifts (not all have  pictures on the blog so be sure to grab ALL hunt gifts) pick out your favourites and set them up in a room or outdoors in your garden. Once you’re happy take a picture!

You do not have to be a fantastic photographer or be able to add special effects or anything like that to participate, just have a bit of creativity & fun 🙂

Closing date for entries is Sunday 17th February

All entries will be posted on our blog on Monday 18th February and voting will be opened.

Voting closes on 24th February. The winner announced in The Cookie Jar Group and published on the blog.

Awesome we know! Want  to try your luck and enter a pic? Of course you do, come to our For The Love of…. House & Garden drop box & click the Photo Contest sign for a couple of tiny rules & details of how to submit your pic, here -> Drop your Contest Entries Here

Sooo Still not convinced you want to spend the time it takes to enter, well this will help….

Here is a preview of the Prize Jackpot! OMG THIS IS HUGE!

Thats a  HUGE PRIZE JACKPOT worth about 12000L$!!!!!

and its completely free to enter!, what are you waiting for? do it now! 


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