Zinnia’s New Releases and Sales!

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Zinnia’s latest releases, the Nevada Belted Shelf Set and the Nevada Belted Mirror, blend the earthy textures of the Mesa with clean modern lines and creative mesh design to create a masculine and sophisticated effect.

Buy them at the introductory price of 100L this weekend only.

Z Nevada belted Shelf Set Promo

Zinnias Nevada Belted Shelf Set
Elegant and masculine in colour and style, this belted shelf includes a texture change standing frame to which you can add your own photos – just drop them in. The frame itself offers four different precious stone inlays via a menu.

The matching candle-pot also features texture change and lights with a click.

Zinnias Nevada Belted Mirrors Set promo

This unique accessory will add a masculine, sophisticated touch to your entrance, bed or bathroom.
Hand-stitched buffalo hide strapping clasps the bevelled mirror and stencilled bentwood frame.

The mirror is adorned with a bright red feather and Navaho patterned bead.

Visit Zinnia’s Main Store to grab these bargains –>>  Zinnia’s Main Store


Promo Zinnias Boho Baby Funky Daybed

Zinnias Boho Baby Funky Daybed
Sale Price: L 60
Regular Price: L 199
Only 5 prims, this funky daybed has 2 male, 2 female, and two couples poses with props

Zinnias Boho Baby Inlaid Chest of Drawers

Sale Price: L 60
Regular Price: L 199
This pretty Chest of drawers (4 prim with shadow) includes the lamp (2 prim) and the book & blossom.

The bottom drawer opens when clicked.

Promo Zinnias Boho Baby Coffee table

Zinnias Boho Baby Coffee table
Sale Price: L 25
Regular Price: L 99
The Boho Baby Coffee table is only 2 prim with shadow and 25L this weekend only!!

Hurry down to Zinnia’s and grab these amazing deals!

Zinnia’s Main Store


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