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Home for Christmas Hunt!

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The Cookie Jar Presents! Home for Christmas Hunt!

The  Hunt runs from 24th November until 24th December 2012.

Applications close on 5th November so hurry if you don’t want to miss out!

TP HERE to get your application and drop your application off.

Visit SLHUNTS for more info to!

This won’t be a big hunt we have other things planned alongside more updates coming soon!

(This will not be a free hunt, the hunt items will be 1L each)


More Finishing Touches & Free Gift!

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Woohoo more goodies from Finishing Touches!

Just because shes awesome theres’s a FREE Gift out to! Drop by before 31st October and get yours Finishing Touches at The Cookie Jar

Finishing Touches!

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Drop by Finishing Touches Market Stall they’re all decked out ready to Spook You! They have some fantastic signs, lights and decor all at great prices!

Click Here –  Finishing Touches @ The Cookie Jar and check them out for yourself

They also have a fantastic Halloween Display in The Designer Warehouse its Spooktacular!

Happy Shopping everyone 😀





Spooksville Hunt & Gatcha Fair

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Not Seen Spooksville yet? your missing out on a treat (well trick or treat anyways)

The Cookie Jar is hosting our very own haunted village, with lots of spooky goings on and things that go bump in the night!

But, wait there is a problem, one of the skeletons got too close to a witch on a broomstick and all of his bones have been scattered all over! ohhh noooo!

Soo to help put Skelly back together we have designed a HUD come & grab it for FREE & search spooksville for bones!, touch one & it lights up on you hud to say you found it & sends you a prize….

There is 14 Skeleton Pieces to find, each comes with its own gift/prize… find them all and you get an extra special main prize! so 15 prizes in total!!!!

But wait, thats not all! The Cookie Jar merchants have been working hard and provided a TRICK OR TREAT GATCHA FAIR!

Each Gatcha Machine looks like this

Trick or Treat Gatcha Fair 13L a try

Each Gatcha has a trick prize or a treat prize! you have a random chance of getting a trick or a treat & each turn is a spooky 13L… some awesome prizes up for grabs with pictures to show you what you can get before you play 🙂

Soooo what yah waiting for, come check out The Spooksville Haunted Village, Hunt & Gatcha Fair, here

but beware, the ghosts will be waiting for yah ;-P

NEW Collection in The Designer Warehouse!

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The Designer Warehouse is a new concept, brought to you by The Cookie Jar!

We have set up a warehouse down on the sim and packed it full of merchants, each merchant has a set space and has set out a selection of items for your shopping pleasure, there is an EXCLUSIVE ITEM from each merchant too that is ONLY available at the warehouse!…

AND as if that was not enough, prices are set for all the items in the warehouse to HALF PRICE OR LESS! of what you would normally pay for them, so not only is it a fantastic place to get the latest exclusive new releases from a collection of Home & Garden Designers but also get some absolutely amazing bargains!…

Each round lasts for 2 weeks, then the designers, items, offers & exclusives change up to keep things fresh for the next round!

The current collection runs from October 20th to November 1st and here’s a sneek peek at just some of the fantastic treats you will find when you get there!

Michigans Shack

Baglady Designs

Finishing Touches

L&K Prefabs

PDN’s Potpourri

Sleepy Hollow Farms

Teased by the treats? Click here to teleport to the Designer Warehouse

FREE Gift from Zinnia’s!

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The wonderful Zinnia has created a FREE Gift for you all!

A murderers coat to add a touch of the macabre to your entryway for Halloween, complete with pool of blood and a hatchet protruding from a pocket. Sit on it to be the victim!

TP  now to grab this wonderful gift – Zinnia’s Main Store

Zinnias Rustic Kiva Spirit Ladder

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To the Hopi, the Kiva Spirit ladder represented ascension into a new plane of consciousness..
This rustic ladder and cactus set adds an authentic touch of the Southwest to your garden, bath, or as a striking focal point in your home.
The draped serape is texture-change, with a choice of three beautiful Southwestern textile designs. This set includes a realistic San Pedro Cactus in a decorative terracotta pot.
Great paired with the Nevada decorative Cow skulls too!

TP to Zinnia’s Store HERE