*New @ Zinnias: La Gitana Gypsy-style MESH Collection & GIFT*

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Did you know there are gypsies in Mexico?
Gypsies (Gitanos) are called Hungaros (Hungarians) in Mexico, because the first large group of gypsies migrated there from Hungary in the 1800s. The rich designs and colours of Eastern European crafts melded with the bold Aztec and Mayan-influenced designs of Mexico to create an eclectic and lively style.

This cultural fusion inspired me to make the La Gitana Mesh Table Collection.
Lively patterning balances the simple lines of this table and kitchen island collection. And it’s all very low prim!

The lavishly patterned table (LI: 3 prims) and chair (1 prim) set are great for just hanging out…paint a picture, write a long letter to a friend, read the paper, or just hang out with a cup of coffee. The set is copy, so rez out as many of the one prim chairs as you like.

You can buy the pieces separately or buy the whole set for a discount!

Please check the pics below : )

La Gitana Mexcian Gypsy Table Set Promo

Zinnias La GitanaTable and chairs

Zinnias La Gitana Kitchen Island

Zinnias La Gitana Pot Hanger


I made you all a little gift too! The Cactus Trypich is a collection of three woodblock prints in the one frame. (Mesh) I’m all excited because it’s only one prim with the shadow. 🙂 Yeah, I need to get out more. …Please come by and pick it up at my mainstore on the Cookie Jar!!

Zinnias Cactus Tryptich Framed art GIFT

Thanks for reading!
hugs, Zinnia

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