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The Designer Warehouse – New Round

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We are currently on round 10, it runs from June 15th to June 28th and here’s a sneek peek at just some of the fantastic treats you will find when you get there!

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Le Monde Fine Furniture – New Releases

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Start Summer in the New Orleans alley garden from le Monde Fine Furniture.  Rustic formality in the middle of the city.

Or head to vintage Frank Lloyd Wright and Art Nouveau influenced interior details in an eclectic mix setting period pieces side by side with items collected from around the world.

Here, you see Wright influencing the design of a game table (chess/checkers) and, below, a shelf with matching stained glass doors on either side.

A good match in this room are the Craftsman style sofa, tables and chairs mixed with an Art Nouveau carpet.  A Man Ray photo on the wall, traditionalll antique bookcase, raku vase and custom made fireplace featuring an ancient Greek bas-relief.

Against a side wall, a room divider created with two metal relief panels by McIntosh stand beside an Art Nouveau design.

The blend of textures in this grouping is dominated by the Mother of Pearl inlay chest from China.  Repeated use of glass (stained glass, hand blown glass and textured glass used in an oil lamp) blends well with the silver desk and chair and the trunk decorated with an inlaid design.  A traditional blue and white patterned rug echoes and unifies the pieces in this room.

Vintage and traditional are not the only kind of offerings you find at le Monde Fine Furniture.

Some like it HOT!  ALIVE!  FULL OF COLOR!  The artwork (Hokusai’s Mt Fuji) and in the image below,( the blue road painting by  ), are available to back up furnishings that walk on a wilder side.  Notice the Oriental Bride’s chest on the right side of the picture, the hand painted woodwork, hand woven fabrics and Mexican painted bowl.  The vase next to the bed bears a design by Kandinsky.

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Cookie Jar Contest, Winners!

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To help celebrate the 1 year anniversary of The Cookie Jar we have put the designers to a challenge (again lol) as part of The Cookie Jar Contest!



1st Place – Team 2 – Nurse Sass  ZsaZsaZahira

2nd Place – Team 7 – Tattoodiva Jules – ebonypet Darkthorn

3rd Place – Team 4 – Springfling –  Willow Woodsheart

Cookie Jar Contest, Voting results!

Congratulations to all of you, in our eyes you are all winners :-), thanks for taking part & to those who voted, looking forward to next time, haha

New Collection @ BagLady Design

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The ever so talented Tat, owner of BagLady Design, has refreshed all the items in her store on the Cookie Jar!

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Tempted by all those gorgeous treats? come see them in world


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*Finishing Touches* welcomes Summer by beaching it up with fabulous finds for your home. No matter what season it is, you can experience the essence of a day at the beach with the latest offerings from *Finishing Touches*.

This sturdy, pegged shelf is made of a neutral planked wood – perfect for summer decorating. A Summer Hat and Beach Bag hang from the pegs, ready for you to grab & go when the surf and sun beckon. Poised atop the shelf is a uniquely framed beach photo and a small starfish. A Cookie Jar Exclusive 50% Off Special – only $65L!

_FT_ Hanging Shelf ~ Summer Hat & Bag

Life’s better at the beach – right? Proclaim your love for beach life with this original shadow box created by *FT* for your summer enjoyment. A Cookie Jar Exclusive 50% Off Special – only $40L!

_FT_ Life’s Better Shadow Box ~ Light Summer Wood

Uniquely framed, *FT*’s Beachcomber Collection is unlike any other. Four beach inspired photos are suspended inside their frames with fishing net. Each comes with its own custom shadow. Only $45L each at the Cookie Jar Market.

_FT_ Beachcomber Collection

One of *FT*’s first (and best-selling) collections, these framed shells can be purchased separately for only $35L or buy the set of six for only $150L (save $60L).

_FT_ Seashell Collection

Framed and matted in black & white to showcase the beauty of the shells, these seashells can be purchased separately for only $35L or buy the set of six for only $150L (save $60L).

_FT_ Seashell Collection II

Show your guests the way to Summer fun with *FT*’s Beach Signs! Each sign hangs from a rusted metal chain and comes with its own custom shadow. Only $45L!

_FT_ To the Beach Hanging Sign

Stop by *Finishing Touches* at the Cookie Jar Market and GET BEACHY! Find more summer items now at *Finishing Touches* Main Store in Azalea.

*Finishing Touches* @ The Cookie Jar

You’re Invited!

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Jiovi & 2WAT Michigan invite you, your friends, family and random strangers to celebrate with us!

We are providing a selection of live singers, followed by live DJ’s for entertainment,

in a Carnival Themed setting with lots of fun & games (plus lots of free gifts haha)

do not miss out come & join us at 3pm TODAY!

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Sweet Serenity – Zinnias New “Agua Dulce” Bath House

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Need some tranquil time? My new Agua Dulce adobe bath house makes a wonderful space to chill out and relax at the end of the day
Click the menu to rez lush hanging wisteria, scatter sweet rose petals on the floor or hang out with your lil rubber duckie. He squeaks when you poke him!

Relax alone with a glass of wine, or use the big soft sea sponge to wash the days worries away. There’s some after bath moisturiser too, to help keep your pixels silky-smooth.

Two of you can enjoy the hot tub with soft kisses,shoulder massage, bath bubbles or a water fight. Or enjoy the age-old ritual of bathing one another.

The Bath House features 7 Solo and 7 sweet couples animations with rezzed props and wearable items.

Handcrafted textures create the impression of shadow and light. These photos were taken *without* shadows enabled – what you see is what you get.

The “Extras” decor menu allows you to choose between lush wisteria, scattered rose petals or a squeaking rubber duckie, and the bath rezzes bubbles or splashing water for water play poses.

You can see it here at my mainstore: