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Start Summer in the New Orleans alley garden from le Monde Fine Furniture.  Rustic formality in the middle of the city.

Or head to vintage Frank Lloyd Wright and Art Nouveau influenced interior details in an eclectic mix setting period pieces side by side with items collected from around the world.


Here, you see Wright influencing the design of a game table (chess/checkers) and, below, a shelf with matching stained glass doors on either side.

A good match in this room are the Craftsman style sofa, tables and chairs mixed with an Art Nouveau carpet.  A Man Ray photo on the wall, traditionalll antique bookcase, raku vase and custom made fireplace featuring an ancient Greek bas-relief.

Against a side wall, a room divider created with two metal relief panels by McIntosh stand beside an Art Nouveau design.

The blend of textures in this grouping is dominated by the Mother of Pearl inlay chest from China.  Repeated use of glass (stained glass, hand blown glass and textured glass used in an oil lamp) blends well with the silver desk and chair and the trunk decorated with an inlaid design.  A traditional blue and white patterned rug echoes and unifies the pieces in this room.

Vintage and traditional are not the only kind of offerings you find at le Monde Fine Furniture.

Some like it HOT!  ALIVE!  FULL OF COLOR!  The artwork (Hokusai’s Mt Fuji) and in the image below,( the blue road painting by  ), are available to back up furnishings that walk on a wilder side.  Notice the Oriental Bride’s chest on the right side of the picture, the hand painted woodwork, hand woven fabrics and Mexican painted bowl.  The vase next to the bed bears a design by Kandinsky.

Click here to teleport to Le Monde Fine Furniture http://slurl.com/secondlife/Michigan%20Bay/216/77/26


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