Sweet Serenity – Zinnias New “Agua Dulce” Bath House

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Need some tranquil time? My new Agua Dulce adobe bath house makes a wonderful space to chill out and relax at the end of the day
Click the menu to rez lush hanging wisteria, scatter sweet rose petals on the floor or hang out with your lil rubber duckie. He squeaks when you poke him!

Relax alone with a glass of wine, or use the big soft sea sponge to wash the days worries away. There’s some after bath moisturiser too, to help keep your pixels silky-smooth.

Two of you can enjoy the hot tub with soft kisses,shoulder massage, bath bubbles or a water fight. Or enjoy the age-old ritual of bathing one another.

The Bath House features 7 Solo and 7 sweet couples animations with rezzed props and wearable items.

Handcrafted textures create the impression of shadow and light. These photos were taken *without* shadows enabled – what you see is what you get.

The “Extras” decor menu allows you to choose between lush wisteria, scattered rose petals or a squeaking rubber duckie, and the bath rezzes bubbles or splashing water for water play poses.

You can see it here at my mainstore:



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