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In a change to the usual writeup we have something a little different, Zinnia has just released a very special item at a promotional introductory price! so we have transformed the spotlight area to show you this wonderful work of art….

Zinnias Casita Mexicana

We’ll let Zinnia explain!

I’ve got a very special release this week for the Cookie Jar Designer Spotlight; my Casita Mexicana. I’ve worked for months on this little Mexican house, creating over 50 custom textures to create the impression of streaming sunlight and cool shadows.

Zinnias Casita Mexicana Entry (shadows are baked into the textures not just SL lighting)

Come and explore the tiled courtyard with its arbour of sweet wisteria…wander inside to explore the sunny kitchen with its saltilo tiled countertops and enamelled basin… cuddle up of an evening near the old stone fireplace or relax under the stars on the rooftop patio…what could be sweeta than your own casita?

Zinnias Casita Mexicana Kitchen (shadows are baked into the textures not just SL lighting)

The Casita is only 69 prims and includes lockable doors, texture-change windows allowing different levels of privacy, and an earthy stone fireplace with on/off script.

** The Casita is on a special introductory sale, while it is in the spotlight, this price will never be repeated, so if you like it come & get it now before it goes up to full price **

plus, if that is not enough Zinnia has a free gift for you too

Zinnias Cactus Bonsai Free Gift!

Zinnias Cactus Bonsai
I’ve made you a sweet little cactus bonsai in a bright enamelled pot. You can pick it up on the rooftop of the Casita.

Thanks Zinnia it is a Pleasure to have you in the Spotlight 🙂

*Click here to Visit the Designer Spotlight, take advantage of the fantastic offers & pick up your free gift*


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