Spring Designer Challenge

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Well the awesome designers in The Cookie Jar group have done it again!

We are proud to bring you The Spring Designer Challenge!

The Fantastic Tess Spargel from Spargel & Shine Homes designed some lovely houses for this event and we set them out on our events platform, 3 houses round a woodland lake & 2 huts on a simply beautiful beach provided by Tropical Bearesfoot of Bearsfoot beaches.

We then split the designers up into teams, 3 designers per house, and told them to go furnish the houses, given strict prim limits, the results have been fantastic, very low prim, very low price exclusively designed furniture from a collection of some of the most talented home & garden designers on the grid, all made to specifically compliment each other, what more could you ask for?

ohhh thats right, pics!

The Spring Designer Challenge

It is a gorgeous place to just come & explore, spend time walking around and enjoying the view, plus, nearly everything you can see is FOR SALE!

so if your a shopaholic, or just want somewhere new to come and enjoy, click here to teleport to the Spring Designer Challenge, NOW!


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