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Hi Hi Hi & WELCOME BACK to the Cookie Jar Blog!, The holidays are over and its time to start getting back into a routine…. I know the blog has been quiet for a while, thanks for staying with us, its back to business as usual and here’s just a few of the fantastic offers we have for yah down on The Cookie Jar!

Going to blog these in the order i received them, sorry if some are a little late, these offers are still on 😉

1st up we have Zinnias


~* Zinnias Brand New Shop, A Brand New Sim, A Brand New Line, and a gift for you! *~

I’ve had enough of the cold and snow, and my imagination has me wandering sunny Mexico!
I’ve created a line of Mexican – themed furniture and decor and a special Mexican Garden patio for you. 🙂

Zinnia's Cookie Jar Opening Gift - Mexican Garden Patio

*NEW! Zinnias “La Mexicana” Line*
An eclectic range of carefully hand-textured home decor items inspired by the rich textures of Mexico and the Southwest. I’ve indulged my love of rich colour and ethnic textures, balanced with clean lines and crisp shading. – kind of Shabby Chic meets World Beat!

First up is “La Mexicana” Wrought iron bed, with a crisp red, white and blue quilt and matching cushions. Among the many high-quality animations is Beloved, a tender 60 second romantic sequence. Really sweet and special!

Zinnias La Mexicana Romantic Bed

* Zinnias Chiminea Courtyard:
Warm your hands and add an authentic Mexican touch with a hand crafted terracotta chiminea and funky stencilled straw mat. Includes a basket of fire wood and an adobe courtyard setting! Matches the Mexico Garden Patio Gift set.

Zinnias Chiminea Courtyard

*Zinnias Rustic Mexican Bench –  Rough-hewn wooden bench includes 3 solo and two Amigos animations. Gives a wearable sombrero too!

Zinnias Rustic Mexican bench promo

* Decorative Touches: Lots of new ethnic rugs priced at 75L and these:

Zinnias _La Mexicana_ Decorative Guitaronly 25L!

z Mexican laundry basket promo - 25L

Last but not least is the lovely but not really Mexican Blossom Bed, a pretty remake of my Autumn Dreams bed. It includes optional “blossoms on the floor” and wall decals.

Zinnias Blossom Bed Promo

Click here to teleport to ZINNIAS


next we have BagLady Design


BagLady Design-Cookie Jar January Exclusive Sale & lucky chair

BagLady Design-Cookie Jar Monthly exclusive 60L's

Lucky Chair items changed bi-weekly



 Click here to teleport to Baglady Design


next we have *Finishing Touches*


*Finishing Touches* newly debuted the *FT* Country Cottage Collection and now, exclusively at the Cookie Jar Market, you will find the beautiful and versatile *FT* Country Cottage Console Table for only $50L! Selling normally for $125L, this is quite a bargain! The *FT* Country Cottage Console Table is Mod/Copy/No Transfer and only 3 prims!

_Finishing Touches_ Country Cottage Console Table $50L

With all those savings you can pick up the adorable, barn wood-framed Country Cottage pictures, or the Country Cottage Decorative Plates!

click here to teleport to Finishing Touches


last but not least we have Boathouse


New items have been added to the Cookie Jar Market. This is the new region for the Cookie Jar group so come by and see how lovely it is. As always, the prices are great market finds and you won’t be disappointed. These items will be here about a week so hurry! Here is a little sneak at what is available.

all items available including the worn out carpet

Close up of sofa, super cute!

Close up of sofa, super cute!

Bookcase and decor, all very low prim

Hand painted side table, lamp and plant

Berries in a jute sack

Click here to teleport to BoatHouse


Annnnnnnd, that is it!, more to come soon 🙂



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