A New Month, A New Market!

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Yeah that’s right its that time again, The Cookie Jar Market has been refreshed!

New merchants, with new items, and new specials just for you to enjoy!

Here’s just a small taster from some of the stalls!

*FT* Slatted Wooden Shelves ~ Welcome Autumn SPECIAL

*Finishing Touches* is featuring Autumn-themed items with a very special, brand new item at a special introductory price! This item is only available at the Cookie jar Market for the next two weeks at the low price of $50L! Get it now before this special exclusive *Finishing Touches* Cookie Jar offer is over!

BoatHouse Chic-Pink-Row Boat

The Chic Rowboat is reduced 25% for the Market only.

BoatHouse Sofa-Shabby-Loft

The couple’s sofa is another all new, all cute, all exclusive BoatHouse item also at 25% off this week.
Also this week new rugs (one is in sofa pic) and a 1L Halloween gift that is unique!!!

Soul Effects Raking The Leaves

pile of leaves! – This includes a rake for you to rake up your yard and animation! only 50L

Soul Effects Whimsical Trees

There is one on sale for only 50L – I will rotate colors all week!

Soul Effects Birdhouse

This adorable spring bird house with two animations to sit and chill while listening to the birds only 50L!

Soul Effects Romantic Tent Scene

Romantic Tent Scene – Animated with cuddles, and reading for singles, includes, blanket and picnic set, lights, tent and pillows. this is a beautiful scene! – Normally 500l Only at the Cookie Jar 250L!

Soul Effects Couples Cherry tree

Couples Cherry tree – Normally 600L only 300L ONLY at the Cookie Jar – several cuddles, animations, swing, rope climbing, along with a picnic and field of flowers!

Soul Effects Snow Scene

Brand new Snow Scene – 4 animations, Campfire, all on a snowy scene, with winter grass surronding the scene, Roasting Marshmallows animations included with stick of marshmallows!

Charmed Creations

This week Charmed Creations made for you a nice kitchen workbench with a autumn’s touch for 149 ls.
And a Tea set with cinnamon rolls ,yummy 🙂 for only 49 ls to make it complete.
This kitchen workbench and the tea set is together 19 prims.

Loves Enchantment Shroom garden seat

This Cute Shroom patch will delight you and your friends as you sit watching the bats and fireflies dance the falls dance. Bringing happiness to your heart and garden.

Loves Enchantment Flower Child Garden Seat

This darling seat will keep you little ones happy for hours. How fun is it to sit with your friends and chat, or maybe play patty-cake. It is all possible with Flower child garden seat.

Loves Enchantment Mountain falls Special 199

Loves Enchantment Mountain falls Special 199


Lots more stalls and special items at the market that we simply havent got enough space to publish,

click here to teleport & visit The Cookie Jar Market



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