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Yeah thats right, in a week of multiple restarts and server issues making life slower that walking through deep mud the Cookie Jar team have been working hard to bring you an All New Market! It’s a new look completely with new stalls and the merchants have brought new items, a real treat!, Click here to teleport or scroll down for a sneak peak of some of the items on offer….

PDN's Potpourri

At PDN’s Potpourri the is this Fantastic Cookie Jar Exclusive for only 50L$ the Autumn Seating with Trees, Sits 6 people you can stand by a tree, sit on the bench, stump or pillow, it has falling Autumn leaves, The perfect hangout to spend time with friends or Family, only 50l$

Cleo Design

Cleo Design stepped in for us and brought you all this fantastic halloween stall with decorations, there’s even an animation in there too but your gonna have to come n try it to find out what it is 😉 also Only 50L$

Wings Of Enchantment

Wings of Enchantment brings you this spooky Halloween table set ONLY 25L$!


Sideboard 50L. All items shown are available.


Hutch and Table Set sold separately, each 50L. Chair is copyable, table cloth and shader optional.

All the items offered this week are new.
Priced 1L to 50L, all are bargains for new and exclusive items.

Loves Enchantment

Loves Enchantment

Loves Enchantment

This week Loves Enchantment brings you these lovely Bubblers in sets of 3, with only 2 prims you can’t beat this deal. We have 5 colors to chose from Not only do they sound authentic with their peaceful bubbling, the water turns off and on. This is our special this week which means you get the Bubblers for 50lls!

Loves Enchantment

Our other treat for you this week is our newest “falls Grace”. This tree is only 8 prims including the leaves grass and tree. We are offering this tree at a low special price 125lls for Cookies customers.
We hope you enjoy them as much as we did in making them for you.


Hello all this week some specials from Charmed Creations and all for the same LOW Price of 49 lindens each !!!
3 nice sweet picture frames with leopards in them and animated falling snow.
If you get cold of that, a lovely Victorian Fireplace will keep you warm, has nice cracking fire sounds in it. (low prim 5)
A nice wooden 1 prim shell purple brown to add to your house and to make it complete 4 vases with fresh sweet flowers.
Come take at look at Charmed on the Cookie-jar sim 🙂

Soul Effects

Soul Effects

Soul Effects

Newness at the Cookie Jar from Soul Effects!!

Stop by today and get some great deals!

I have out three items for the Ladies – all animated and all only 100L normally 300L each.

And these lovely flowers

Soul Effects

At the Cookie Jar ONLY 100L for these

Soul Effects

75L ONLY at the Cookie Jar!

Soul Effects

50L – the blue is at the Cookie Jar!

And Lastly our cuddle pond – includes, tree, rocks, pond, and fields of flowers – ALL only 50L – ONLY at the cookie Jar!


Annnnnd! Thats it, well in terms of pictures anyway, there is loads more from these merchants and other merchants such as Storaxtree, Strawberry Box & Michigans Shack all on the market, all super value Cookie Jar bargains, all not to be missed TELEPORT NOW!


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