List of Participating Stores

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Hunt begins promptly at Midnight on September 15th, are you ready to catch falling leaves?  Here’s where the leafy path will lead you on the hunt for Autumn goodness to bring the signs of the season to your Second Life.

Wanna peek at just what the fab designers have in store for you?  Check out our flickr photostream MORE PICS BEING ADDED ALL THE TIME

 The Cookie Jar on Flickr

a list of hints for the participating stores will of course be added as the time nears, but for the time being theres a teaser of some of the merchants you will find a long the way on the hunt page here


About Rowan

A character among the human race whose face is masked by a beautiful skin, whose clothes give no evidence of economic status, finds adventure beneath the sea and above the earth, one whose mind needn't always be rational, whose feet don't always plant firmly to the ground, whose heart is as large as the grid and finds room for sharing with but one. Rowan is but a virtual extension of me.

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