Finally! It’s Party Time!!!

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Almost ;P   The countdown to huntin’ has begun, only 6 more hours to go!   Cookie Jar Community is anxiously awaiting the influx of folks from across the grid to come enjoy the beautiful country park, shop the fantastic deals at the Village Stores and Country Market, scurry about seeking the cool, refreshing Ice Cream treats whose center is a real treat, and to hear the melodious sounds of three amazingly talented arists perform live just for you.  It’ll be a hootin’ and hollerin’ good time!  Ya’ll come on visits now ya hear?

For those who didn’t catch the line up of talent taking the stage, I’ll recap for you 😉   Folks this is 30 years plus of musical background and entertaining professionally that is  coming to the Cookie Jar Community Stage,

12pm SLT ~~ Gabryel Nyoki

1pm SLT ~~ Sassy Nitely (Barbie Horsley)

2pm SLT ~~ Blane Sonnenkern

August 27th!  Where will you be?  Hmmm?????

~~ AND  ~~

Here is another lil peek at what might be found in those yummy ice creams …

From Storaxtree

Storaxtree - Maja's Dream
Storaxtree – Maja’s Dream
From Boathouse
Boathouse - Garden Party Hunt Gift

Boathouse - Garden Party Hunt Gift

Last up for show ..  From Michigan’s Shack

Al Fresco Bench Set

Al Fresco Bench Set

Also from Michigan’s Shack
Single Prim Beach Towel

Single Prim Beach Towel

 There’s definitely more to be found and enjoyed in the garden that isn’t shown in this or the past posts.  Take the time to visit all the merchants, you surely won’t be sorry.  We look forward to seein’ you all at Cookie Jar!!

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