Summer Garden Party ~~ It’s Coming!!!

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 Grab your best guy, gal or heck … one of each!!, ping up your frineds and drag ’em along.  Dont’ forget to ell ’em to put on their coolest summer duds cause the Summer Garden Party is gonna be HOT, HOT, HOT …. 

Bring ’em kickin’ and screamin’ if you must, we won’t mind!  They’ll have a hard tim bein’ heard over the sounds of the live entertainment coming from  the stage.   Or would that be from the squeals of excitement from the many hunters scoopin’ up awesome gifts from the Cookie Jar Community Merchants?  Oh, yeah … it’s gonna be a hootin’& hollerin’ good time!

The Cookie Jar Presents ~ Summer Garden Party

Performing Live on the Cookie Jar Stage

12pm SLT ~~ Gabryel Nyoki

1pm SLT ~~ Sassy Nitely (Barbie Horsley)

2pm SLT ~~ Blane Sonnenkern

Between these three fantastic artists is over 30 years of musical experience in a wide variety of genres, both vocals and instrumental.   They have been chosen from a great many talented SL performers because of their professionalism, friendlness and the desire to truly entertain.  From classic rock, to country, to acoustics, and yes .. even a few ORGINAL tunes you’ll hear no where else, there is definitely something for everyone!

Hunt begins promptly @  12:01 a.m. SLT   **Each hunt $1, it’ll be the best buck ya ever spent**

Just A Little Peek at Some Prezzies before the Hunt???  Sure!!!  Wouldn’t want you NOT to know what you’ll be missing if you don’t join in all the fun!


From The Strawberry Box

The Strawberry Box ~ Summer Garden Set
The Strawberry Box ~ Summer Garden Set
VM Projects is treatin’ ya twice in this hunt!
VM Projects - 2 Seater Summer Bench
VM Projects – 2 Seater Summer Bench
VM Projects ~ 4 Seater Summer Bench

VM Projects ~ 4 Seater Summer Bench

 From Love’s Enchantment
Love's Enchantment ~ Starry Nights Gazebo

Love's Enchantment ~ Starry Nights Gazebo

From The South 40
The South 40 ~ Lazy Days Gazebo
The South 40 ~ Lazy Days Gazebo
BumberShoot ~ The Little Shop Of Stuff
BumberShoot ~ The Little Shop of Stuff


 There ya go.  A little taste of some yummy treasures just waiting to be found over 2 sims.   While your at these fine stores hunting hidden treasure, take a look around, might find a deal you can’t pass up or a freebie or two.   Gifts and gifts and more gifts!  

And MUSIC  TOO!!!  Three amazingly talented professional musicians will be on hand to keep you entertained and your feet movin’ to the beat.  What’s not to love?   Nothing!  But a whole lot to loose out on if ya aren’t there!

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A character among the human race whose face is masked by a beautiful skin, whose clothes give no evidence of economic status, finds adventure beneath the sea and above the earth, one whose mind needn't always be rational, whose feet don't always plant firmly to the ground, whose heart is as large as the grid and finds room for sharing with but one. Rowan is but a virtual extension of me.

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  1. Yay! Love the post Rowan!

    A 1st class job!

    Welcome to the Cookie Jar Blog 🙂

    See you at the Summer Garden Party


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