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a busy day at the market

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After working all weekend, we pictured an easy Monday, a day off, a lazy day of enjoying the fruits of our labour, however this was not meant to be…

The Cookie Jar was never “just a market” that was just a small part of the sim to host a few stalls for merchants wanting to showcase their wares amongst the other delights the jar has to offer.

But it seems demand for the stalls has far outweighed the original amount we set out, we logged in this morning to find all the stalls full and requests for more spilling out of the mailbox.

So there went our plans for a nice slow day, Jiovi rolled up her sleeves and began digging and before we knew it the hill had gone and we set about the task of adding more stalls to the market.

and as for the area created round the back of the hill? well your just gonna have to watch this space to see what we have in store for that 😉


And On The Third Day!

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The Third day of the sim being open and still before our official opening event and we log in to find The Cookie Jar on the Showcase, in SL Search!

With all this exposure genuine sim traffic has risen to 2500! who knows where this is going to lead, but its certainly a bright start for the jar 🙂

Lindens Like Cookies Too!!!

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The Cookie Jar is a week away from the GRAND OPENING, and is all ready on the Destination Guide

check it out here , and if you have facebook, give the cheeky “like” button a click so that residents all over the grid will hear of the delights to be found when you give in to the temptation of The Cookie Jar!

The Cookie Jar is Waiting!!!

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An early summer’s morning down by the dock on the soon to be filled Cookie Jar sim, watching the swans and enjoying the peace, thinking of all the excitement to come… We want to bring SL a group that’s different, that’s one of a kind, that’s something a little special…..

Thinking of the hundreds of fashion groups and lack of home and garden décor groups, the ones the currently exist have the same old merchants who are in the same old “click” and, through no fault of their own, do not give fair chance to the amazing new talent out there, the “up and coming” merchants who will wow us with their designs and some what undiscovered flair….

We decided to make a place, a group, a community for all, full of new and more established merchants, not just the big ones but the little ones too, not just the popular, but the ones we know that will be. A fair place that gives everybody a chance, a place that allows shoppers to ask “where can I find a…..?” and get a wealth of locations with quality merchandise, not just the same old places from the same old people in the same old groups….

we vow to make something different and so it begins……