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Cookies Country Park in the Destination Guide

A Linden's View of the Jar 😉

Well after all the hard work in the blazing SL sun, making the “wooded country” theme as nice and natural as pixels will allow, we think the Cookie Jar sims are a great place to come & relax, enjoy, explore and take it easy, as well as checking out the stores of course…

And it seems like the Lindens agree with us!

The Second Cookie Jar sim is now featured in the Official Second Life Destination guide by Linden Labs as a Nature & Parks location, it is certainly a tribute to the beautiful surroundings and an honour to be featured there.

you can check it out here and if you have facebook, give the “like” button a click to show yah support…

Of course this comes hand in hand with the in-world Second Life Serch Main Page called Showcase, and right now we are top of the first page (again) lol!!!

Cookies on the Showcase!

Cookies on the Showcase!


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