Gifts, Gifts & More Gifts!

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Here’s pics of just a few of the fantastic gifts available at the sim for the opening weekend…

From Left to Right, The Strawberry Box – Cookie Dining Set, {L.H.O.C.} – Old Wood Side Table & Terrarium, Nadeau Home Store – Cookie Books Platter, Old World Delights – Sevilla Set

From Left to Right, Bumbershoot – Shabby Couch, PDN’s Potpourri – Picture Frame, CUBE – Oak Cafe Bistro, Eternal Designs – Fairy Hanging Basket, Thunderbolt – Dolphins, Rehatched – Land Of The Free (texture pack)

From Left to Right, Thaino – Blue and Green Garden Swings, Nethic – Sacred Guardian, (In)Discretions – Cookie Bedroom Set, MiChIGaN’s ShAcK – The Cookie Tree

From Left to Right, *ACF* – Glass Stem Ware (includes map), E.E.D. – Bouquet Red Calla Lillies, Earth Visions – Celtic Glass Bowl, Storaxtree – Blues Tweety Ball, B&D – Crystal Ball Table Top

From Left to Right, MiChIGaN’s ShAcK – Arch Seat With Flowers, Black Kitten Designs – Such a Diva, Chaise

We have tried to include as many of the gifts as we could, some we couldn’t take pics of, some were only put out after I had taken the pics, some I have probably missed, so there is more to be found.

Remember the gifts are at the landing point on the sim AND in the stores and on the market stalls, it is literally packed, so make sure you have a good walk round and pick them all up while you can 🙂


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