a busy day at the market

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After working all weekend, we pictured an easy Monday, a day off, a lazy day of enjoying the fruits of our labour, however this was not meant to be…

The Cookie Jar was never “just a market” that was just a small part of the sim to host a few stalls for merchants wanting to showcase their wares amongst the other delights the jar has to offer.

But it seems demand for the stalls has far outweighed the original amount we set out, we logged in this morning to find all the stalls full and requests for more spilling out of the mailbox.

So there went our plans for a nice slow day, Jiovi rolled up her sleeves and began digging and before we knew it the hill had gone and we set about the task of adding more stalls to the market.

and as for the area created round the back of the hill? well your just gonna have to watch this space to see what we have in store for that 😉


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